Living differently

URBAN SPACES is a concept for those who run away from uniformity, for open people who appreciate design and want to live in spaces which express their personality.

Our philosophy is that living extends beyond your walls. That's why we put a lot of effort into creating friendly common places - like cafeterias, common terraces, places where you can hang out with neighbours, bike parks and greens areas.

Nice & cozy!

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Another type of living

Come to our Dogarilor spaces and see a showcase of good practices in construction plus a lot of things that are bound to suprise you (pro-tip: keep an eye on our super special mailboxes, you’ll love ’em)

Mumuleanu 14

Urban Space 2


Mumuleanu is a collection of 20 overlaid and neighbouring houses, each with its own distinctive entrance. The good news is that you can already book your apartment in the building and the construction site is nearing completion.

Enter the space’s page to see the layouts and more details.


Lookin’ good!

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