URBAN SPACES is team work, its success is everybody’s pride and we thank them all for it!

Why do we appreciate them? They all have experience and technical excellence, initiative spirit, the willingness to try new innovations alongside us and the courage to take the less beaten path. With many of them, we’ve been collaborating ever since our first project, they have become our friends and some have even moved into Urban Spaces.


ARCHITECTURE OFFICE ADN BA is the office which designed URBAN SPACES 1, 2, 5, 6, 7. We met them by chance and we believe that it was huge chance. Together, we put a lot of soul and passion in all our joint projects. We have become friends and we keep on making projects together.


ARCHITECTURE OFFICE We had known professor Florian Stanciu long before he met us, via his projects and the nice words every architect we met had to say about him. We collaborate in the Ronda project and we are extremely happy to have made this choice.


ARCHITECTURE OFFICE SYAA designed URBAN SPACES 3. The project in Badea Cârtan is cool & trendy. Just like Eliza Yokina and Adrian Soare, the two coordinators of the SYAA office, leader in the design sector, with a solid and well-deserved reputation.


THE DESIGNERS BEHIND THIS WEBSITE LOOT is a graphic design studio based in Bucharest. They deal with a variety of brand development projects for local and international clients. Beside the studio, LOOT produces its own magazine, JUG, and manages a store selling design objects, LOOTforever.

Petcu Construct

GENERAL ENTREPRENEUR They are the ones who completed the project in Dogarilor and started work on URBAN SPACES 2. They have extensive experience as a building contractor in Romania as well as in Germany. Mr. Petcu insists to show that it is not only in Germany that one can work with modern methods and high standards. Last but not least, he’s a vintage car connoisseur.

Natural Wood Floor

Flooring Octavian Apostol from Natural Wood Floor, together with Mr. Cadar, provided our floors and helped us lay them nicely under the feet of our clients. Passionate about wood and ski, they are neighbours and clients of URBAN SPACES.


Ti-ai luat o casa. Te-ai gandit de un milion de ori cum va arata, ai in cap o imagine, dar acum nu stii de unde sa incepi si nici cum sa ajungi acolo. Anca stie – vrei un kulcus! Abia asteptam sa iti aratam amenajarile ei din Urban Spaces 2 –

Ador Mobila

FURNITURE The Bucharest – Brasov distance was not an obstacle for our collaboration. What mattered more was that Doriana, energetic and always happy, together with her team, managed to execute the most complicated furniture projects proposed by our architects.

Atelier Ciprian Manda

DESIGN & WOOD Ciprian is an architect who loves wood and… black. He is responsible for the interior design of several spaces in DOGARILOR, among which the URBAN SPACES office. He works with a lot of passion, in his own workshop, and makes most of the pieces used in his projects. How does he stand out from the rest of the architects? He has the technical solutions for the proposals he makes …

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