Urban Spaces 1 lies in the centre of Bucharest, in the Eminescu-Polona area, an old city quarter full of charm, an area which began to redefine itself lately and to attract all sorts of edgy happenings: restaurants, cafe, small urban stores, creative workshops and artist galleries. We’re very happy that US1 set the tone!

Apartments and details

One of the qualities of the project is the diversity of the apartments: 70 flats, each one of them different from the others, 2 or 4 rooms duplexes, one triples, apartments with private gardens and ‘pocket’ studios.

The finishings are mostly done in apparent concrete, microtopping, terazzo and solid wood flooring.

Common spaces

Another reason why Urban Spaces 1 is different is the common areas..which are not common at all!

The trees, a lot of greenery, the relaxation zone in the interior courtyard, the cafeteria, the common terraces designed for interaction, the bike parks, the boards located near each door (sort of an analogue facebook) — all of these unexpected elements contribute to the whole experience.


All of the apartments in Urban Spaces 1 are sold out but we are taking visits at our office on Dogarilor 26-30 where we can show you the apartments and talk about our future projects.

Building site photos

Building site photos

The pictures made on the building site by Oltin Dogaru




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