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sfinții voievozi

“As in many other places in Bucharest, first there comes the need to match somehow as many pieces as possible in the neighborhood whose features mixed and overlapped in time.

These needs are joined by an attempt to recover some of the elegance sometimes rather reserved, other time more whimsical, of a Bucharest-type of architecture where the means used were often only the play of surfaces, textures and various shades of plasters, the depth of the folds or the relief of the creases and edges. This stratification of the closures, as well as the mix of materials and shades are, in turn, a different kind of fragmentation.

The ground floor is higher and stays open towards the street, which is not necessarily specific to the city of Bucharest, or at least not to this part of the city. But there is something specific and that is the random spotting, on a street corner, at a crossroads, in inlets, passages or simply on the ground floor or the yard of more interesting house, of a shop or of a small local restaurant. In the same peppering in the Bucharest neighborhoods, it is rather at house scale than at city scale that we imagine will qualify these openings towards the street of the yard and of the buildings on the Sfintii Voievozi Street, between the numbers 20 and 24.”

Architect Andrei Serbescu – ADNBA




The Sfintii Voievozi project is sold out! Please take a look at our next projects.


URBAN SPACES 5 – Sfinții Voievozi has many things in common with Dogarilor: the shape and the size of the plot of land, the placement of the buildings, the opening towards the street and the patio, the diversity of the shapes and sizes of the apartments, the apartments with private gardens or large terraces on the highest levels.

What makes it different is the outside look, more textured, more nuanced, more elegant. At ground floor level we find a bistro and two small commercial spaces and, towards the interior, two more office spaces and a hub of event space.

apartments and details

Building site pictures

We work hard, both on the interior and exterior finishes. The first apartments will be ready this summer.

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