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“Our project does nothing more than borrow from the way or life of it’s surroundings. The Rondă Street lies on the eastern side of Bucharest, close the Matei Voievod area, the Popa Nan church and is of great heritage and value to the city.

So it makes sense that we take into account the subtle way of living that the site ingrains in our project. That way of living establishes a ratio that is worth taking into account, as it constitutes the whole substance of our concept. It’s a ratio which shows itself towards the street, the public and which restrains itself and stays hidden on the inside, the private part of life, the intimacy of living.”

PhD Architect Florian Stanciu – STARH





URBAN SPACES 4 sits at number 37 on Rondă street, near the Popa Nan area, a place full of history and poetry, part of the former slum of mid-war Bucharest.


Rondă is surely the spoiled youngest child of our group. It’s a small, discrete project if you take a look at it from outside, but one which is more fascinating as you enter, leaving behind the water fountain placed on street level – a gift to the community. Opening it’s gates and small doors, taking a break on its stone or wood benches, passing the veranda and staircases shaped like footpaths and entering the houses through terraces is what gives it its charm.

The building is a community of 8 small romantic apartments inside which nothing is left to chance. The library stretches on two levels. The stair to the upper floors is a true piece of art, each time you pass by the basin you can feast your eyes on the surroundings unfolding in the distance through the stylized glass overlooking the street.

The dining space regains its once important role of being more than a place where you eat. It favors time spent with loved ones, sharing family memories at daybreak and seeing dear friends for long chats.

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