Urban Space 3

badea cârțan

“We imagined the housing in relation with two urban private yards, destined to the community that will inhabit the building. The building folds around these major spaces, organically connecting with the surroundings.

The yards are paved with brick and planted with trees and shrubs. These features allow adults to find context for social interactions and littles ones to have fun and play. Both the two staircases and the apartments visually communicate with the yards, opening towards them with ample windows and lodges. The surface brick, new or recovered, is the dominant finishing which ties the building with its past and the old local craft tradition of the neighborhood.”





Urban Spaces 3 lies on Badea Cartan street, at number 13, in the middle of one of old neighborhoods of the city. The area is known as a place where housing was intertwined with crafting and the private spaces opened to wide common yards.


The neighborhood also hosted an industrial area made up of small brick factories. One of them, named Tonola, lies on the current location of Circului Park, only 500 meters away from the building site. On the adjacent ground, on Teilor Street (Vasile Lascar), the first horse-powered tram depot in Bucharest operated since 1871.

apartments and details

The apartments are diverse in dimension and layout – studios, one bedroom, 2 bedroom apartments on one level but also layered as duplex homes. The third level houses 3 bedroom apartments with big gardens and generous terraces.

All houses have wide and well lit living rooms in direct connection with the lodges or terraces and a place to set a dinner table for extended family or friend groups. Almost all apartments feature at least 2 facades, allowing the sun to be with its owners all day long and for a optimal natural ventilation.

The ground floor features 3 offices that could also work as great workshops for artists.


All the spaces in Urban Spaces Badea Cartan are sold out! But please take a look at our next projects. We are looking forward to your visit!

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